Video Game Themes

a Controlled Vocabulary revision for the Video Game Metadata Schema

The GAMER Group at the University of Washington Information School, in collaboration with the Seattle Interactive Media Museum and the UW Libraries Media Center, has published, and continues to develop, the Video Game Metadata Schema (VGMS). From the project website:

"The primary objective of this research is to create a metadata schema that can capture the essential information about video games and interactive media in a standardized way which will allow for better navigation through a game collection as well as improved interoperability across multiple organizational systems."

Version 3.1 of VGMS was released in June 2015, with the controlled vocabulary (CV) for the theme element still in testing. In order to further develop the theme CV, we used a combination of free-associative tagging, card sorting, and testing with trained catalogers to build terms and define relationships between them. The resulting CV contains a refined definition of theme based on literary and critical media studies, as well as the addition of subheadings for archetype and motif.

This report represents our methodology along with the unpublished second version of the theme CV. A link to the official release will be provided once it is published.

Created with Ruth Helman and Jacob Shepard.