How Life Feel

Encountering Stardust

In collaboration with UW World Series (now Meany Center for the Performing Arts), our group of researchers from the University of Washington Information School was inspired by the work of David Roussève/REALITY and Cari Ann Shim Sham* to ask: How and what does the multimedia dance performance Stardust communicate about intimacy in everyday life?

Stardust expresses the story of Junior, an African-American gay urban teen, as he negotiates his existence in the universe. The performance combines group, solo, and partner dance choreography, soundscapes, video landscapes, music sampling, lighting, and narrative text projections to convey information to the audience. Our research investigates and interacts with Roussève's work. The interactive and participatory blog, How Life Feel, is the result of interviews, performance viewings, field notes, and iterative analysis.